Kennel and Crate Free Daycare and Boarding - Black Forest, Colorado


Kennel free boarding in Colorado Springs


Free Roam in Our Home Kennel Free Doggy Daycare and Boarding 

Unlimited Play Day and Night ~ All Inclusive One Rate 

About Us - Pampered Services


Doggy Day Care

We provide Kennel and Crate Free Doggy Daycare with Unlimited Play and all inclusive rate.  

Kennel free boarding in Colorado Springs

Pet Sitting in Colorado Springs

pet boarding and pet sitting

- One Rate, Treating Your Pets As Our Own

- Limited training included free of charge

- Engaging and Interactive enrichment activities all day and night long inside and outside catering individually to each dog that Stays and Plays with us. 

HOURS:  Mon - Fri & Sun  7am - 11pm 

We provide care all weekend; however there are no drop offs or pick ups Saturdays


Kennel Free Dog Boarding

This is your Pampered Pups "home away from home" and their Vacation too!  

- Kennel and Crate Free*, free roam in our home Boarding.  

- All inclusive, one rate, no ala cart or add on items.  

- Treating Your Dogs As Our Own 

 HOURS:  Mon - Fri & Sun  7am - 11pm  

We provide care all weekend; however there are no drop offs or pick ups Saturdays 


What makes us Pampered, Different & Better

-  Since 2008 Established Business 

-  100% Complaint and Claim Free 

- Certified, Accredited, Insured, Bonded

-  30+ Years Total Industry Experience

-  Owner is an Animal Trainer & Behaviorist

-  All Inclusive One Rate 

-  The most flexible and available hours for care, drop off and pick ups

-  Variety of Professional Service Options 

-  Unlimited Play Day and Night 

- Agility style playground, 4200 sq foot

- Summer Time Pools and Sprinklers

- Individualized, Catered Attention 

- Never Closed (unless on vacation) 

- Flexible, unlimited Scheduling 7am - 11pm most days 

- No Ala Cart or Add On Items Charges 

- Treating Your Pets As Our Own 

- Free Roam in Our Home 24/7*

- Sleep in Bedroom or Living Room 

- Supervision and Interaction 24/7 * 

- 4200 Sq Foot Agility Style Playground 

- Small Group 

- Individual Catered Attention  

- When you compare, often times we are less cost and offer so much more than others 

- Providing 24/7* human supervised monitoring and care.  

- Unlike "kennels" we don't leave dogs with no supervised care from 7pm - 7am.  They are part of our home, our family and with us and other dogs all the time.  

- With us, your dog becomes part of our family, free roam in our home *kennel and crate free   

-  We offer complimentary enrichment activities for all pets we care for both in your home as well as in our home; giving them a variety of sensory enrichment activities, mental and physical exercise to alleviate boredom, stress, and improve on your pets happiness as well as minimize unwanted behaviors by identify activities that your pet really enjoys and catering to them individually as well as providing social, interactive, contact, and engaging play with others. 

*some restrictions may apply 


Vaccinations, Preventative Care & Assessments


Age, Breed, Temperament

We love all Dogs; but as a full contact, kennel free, free roam environment in our home care;  our insurance has certain restrictions we must adhere to as well as solely due to available space, we have size restrictions. 

Dogs must be; 

6 months or older 

(4 months old can start if completely through puppy vaccinations and potty trained)

Spayed or Neutered (by 9 months old) 

Under 110 pounds

We do accept small breed dogs  

Contact us for information on any insurance restricted breeds

Call us for your Free phone consultation

Some exceptions to the above restrictions *may* be granted

Dogs cannot be; 


Resource guarders (food or toy)

Have severe anxiety 

Excessive barkers

Require specialty medical care 

Vaccinations & Preventative Care

Please be advised that we do not provide specialty care for any dogs that require insulin shots or sub q fluids. 

For the safety, health and wellness of all,

We require the following vaccinations based on Professional Industry Organizations Recommendations: 


Canine Distemper


Heart Worm Preventative


Flea, Lice & Tick Preventative Apr-Oct

Annual Neg Test for Heartworm & Giardia


For seniors and dogs under 30# the Canine Influenza/ next two are “optional” For all others they are required unless your vet provides a recommendation for your dog not to have them.  (updated 9/10/18)

H3N8 Canine Influenza

H3N2 Canine Influenza


For dogs under 1 yr of age additional proof of: 





Parasite / Giardia Neg Test


A story of why we ask for so much ...
Healthy Dogs are Happy Dogs!

When you bring your dog to Stay n Play with us, know that we comply with the American Veterinarian Association, the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, Veterinarians and the American Kennel Club recommendations for preventative care and vaccination care to ensure that all dogs who Stay n Play here are protected against debilitating, deadly, and contagious diseases.

All it takes is one infected dog to get all the others in the playground sick, whether it is parasites or giardia which are highly contagious up to Lepto or Heart Worm which can be deadly; we want to ensure that we have proof that all dogs are covered for the most common diseases as some of these like Giardia can even be passed on to humans.

So, we understand that it might seem like a lot that we ask for preventative and vaccination care; but if it saves one dog from getting sick or dying then it is worth it right? Especially if it is your dog who gets sick or gets another sick or worse.

When you want professional, diligent, dedicated, thorough and committed to your dog’s health, safety and wellness above all else; then give us a call .. we are worth it and so are your dog/s! 

Qualifications & Assessments

Call us for your Free Phone Consultation

All Dogs must pass a Pre Evaluation 

All Dogs must pass a Temperament/Demeanor Assessment 

We are all Free Roam full contact 

Aggressive Behaviors will not be allowed

We Provide limited free training so some anxiety or behaviors we can work with  

Credentials - Honors

Owned by Pampered Pets & People LLC 

Top Rated  Professional Pet/House Sitting - 

BBB - A+ Rated, Accredited

Back Ground Verified

PSI - Pet Sitters International Member 

PSI Certificatiion 

Angie's List - A rated

Back Ground Verified

350+  Reviews

6 Years - 11 Super Service Awards

30+  Years Professional Experience

Professional Pet Care 

Animal Trainer & Behaviorist 

Insured & Bonded 

Google - All 5 Star Reviews 

Next Door Recommended 


350+ A rated and 5 Star Reviews Online 

Angie's List, Google, BBB, NextDoor

100% Claim Free, Complaint Free 

Here are what a few of our customers say about us 


Letter from a client April 2018:

I wanted to write to you personally and thank you in more detail than a review would be.
Thank you so much for all the detailed updates, photos and videos of my dog while he stayed with you. I was so impressed and amazed at how often you sent us updates and photos throughout the day and night letting me know in detail how and what our dog was doing. I felt like you were only taking care of my dog alone due to the amount of time and dedication you gave to updates and photos with us then I realized that you are doing this for each and every dog’s family as well. It was also so great to check face book and see even more photos!
Just unbelievable, I have never boarded my dog any place else that gave that much attention, dedication and constant communication to us before. Most of the time I usually had to ask others for updates, with you, they were coming often and very welcomed.
Every time my phone notification beeped my kids would grab the phone because they knew they were going to see photos and videos of our dog and great updates from you. There was no doubt in our minds at all that our dog was having an amazing vacation too and doing great.
When you state you strive for 100% satisfaction that is an understatement because to us, our experience far exceeded expectations. You truly go above and beyond and we have used others that don’t even come close to comparing with you.
We also completely appreciate that you require and verify preventative and vaccination care because I know that my dog is covered but I don’t know any of the other dogs that will be there, and knowing that you do assessments and require proof of vaccinations and other preventative care is just another reassurance that you put the dogs health and safety above all else.
You are truly an amazing, unexpected gift and our family will never use anyone else. Thank you sincerely for all that you do for us and all the other dogs that you take care of, I am sure their parents appreciate you as much as our family does.
From our family to yours  

Patricia and Oliver do a phenomenal job taking care of our boy. He drags me to their front door when I drop him off. They treat him like one of their own. It makes us so happy to know that he is so well taken care off. It is such a great peace of mind. Patricia sends us lots of pictures of him as he plays with the other dogs. We are truly blessed to have found them. Thank you both for taking care of our baby.

We have used Pampered Pooches Playground for both daycare and overnight stays for our dog. Most recently, our dog stayed there for a week while we were away out of the state. The entire week they were in constant communication with us and sent pictures and text messages often. I love that he jumps out of the car and is always excited to go! If you are looking for a place that your dog will be loved like one of the family, never crated, and will have lots of fun this is the place! They have lots of room for the dogs to run and play in a safe environment and they get unlimited playtime throughout the day. They also are welcome in their home and on the furniture. They even have doggy nap times with classical music! We won't take our dog anywhere else!


This was our second experience using Pampered Pooches Playground and, as expected, it was stress free. From drop off to pick up, Patricia is very flexible and makes that part of traveling very easy. Our dog always loves staying there and has a great time running around and playing with other pups. I love how Patricia always sends updates and posts so many pictures. Every time we need pet care services, I will always use Pampered Pooches Playground 

Pampered Pooches Playground provided top quality dog sitting for our nervous pup. Patricia was so caring and took great care of our girl, providing special individual attention to help her feel more comfortable while we were gone. We won't go anywhere else!

As always, could not have gone any better. Our dog loves it there, we know she is safe and well taken care of, and can travel knowing she is in good hands. And their service and responsiveness has been terrific. Recently my return flight got delayed and I wasn't able to pick our dog up the planned night--and no problem. Patricia was very flexible and instead I got her the next morning safe and sound. Patricia also takes TONS of photos that are either posted on Facebook or texted back to you so you can see your pet at play and interacting with the other ones there. Couldn't be happier with their services.

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